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This past summer, the Viz Department partnered with ILMxLAB for a 10-week course focusing on the development of VR experiences using the HTC VIVE, with four groups of four creating unique and vastly different projects.

In my team's experience, the user plays as Malcolm, a student at Hanford High School who finds himself in a bit of a sticky situation. In a containment catastrophe, the local nuclear power plant released radioactive waste into the water supply, and Malcolm finds himself transforming and gaining radioactive slime and electricity powers. Realizing he is now seen as a danger, he has to find his way out of the school. Along the way, the user gets to watch their mutations advance in a mirror gag that uses input from the headset's rotation and defeat a security guard that stands in their way of freedom.

My main responsibilities were in asset creation; I modeled, surfaced, and rigged the two main characters, as well as many of the environment and prop assets. By far my favorite responsibility was working in Substance Painter to bring our assets to life.


Additionally, we all had to take on the challenge of learning Unity and scripting for games in C#, as well as the unfamiliar pipeline of creating content for VR. It was an incredible experience, with exceptional mentoring from the xLAB team, and I learned so much more in 10 weeks than I ever could have imagined!

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