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Robo Roll (2018) - Summer Course with Pixar

Character modeling and surfacing; environment/prop modeling and surfacing

Team Members: Emily Bujnoch, Cristina Davis, Matt Eng

Jessica Rabbit (2017)

Answer to the question "What is your ideal date?"

Modeling, surfacing, rigging, animation, and lighting

Mutant High VR (2017) - Summer Course with ILMxLAB

Character modeling, surfacing, and rigging; environment modeling and surfacing; some gameplay functionality

Team Members: Sanif Maredia, Xianmin Feng, and Christina Hirko

Pia & Greg (2016)

Full pipeline, from concept and story to compositing and credits

The Collector (2015)

Modeling, rigging, nCloth, surfacing, and lighting

Team Members: Madison Kramer, Kelly Robert, Patrick Bueno, and Ryan Bartlett

Train Safety with Melvin (2015)

Modeling, rigging, surfacing, lighting, and animation

Team Members: Madison Kramer and Kelly Robert

Monk-E (2014)

Story, modeling, and surfacing

Team Members: Travis Shaheen, Sofia Ocampo-Lonngi, Andrew Jacobson, Christina Hirko, Aerin Oh, and Tanner Konarik

Leap of Faith (2015)

Cel animation

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